Why is Council undertaking this project?

    Globally, we are seeing success with cities bringing life back to the streets and supporting local businesses through temporarily reclaiming carparks and road spaces. Creating opportunities that encourage people to spend time in city centres is helping to keep regional city centres vibrant.

    Streets as shared spaces is an effective way to bring more pedestrian traffic into city centres and encourage a new mix of businesses.

    Revitalising our laneways is also something that was identified by locals as a great way to bring life back into the Lismore CBD.

    In late 2019, during consultation for the new Lismore Economic Development Strategy, the revitalisation and activation of Lismore’s laneways came through strongly as a key priority.

    What consultation has been done on this project?

    During July this year, Lismore City Council called on interested community members to get involved in the Lismore Laneways project by joining the registered Lismore Laneways Working Group.

    This group attended a digital workshop where opportunities and design ideas were discussed. All businesses in the precinct received a postcard about the project and an invitation to attend.

    Following the development of an initial design, this group attended a second session to unpack priorities for next steps and refine the design.

    During this time, one-on-one phone calls were had with each of the traders in the precinct to understand how their business currently functions, how they use the laneways, and their ideas and aspirations for the precinct moving forward.

    The final draft concept design was placed on public exhibition for one month during November and Council developed the final concept design based on what the community told us. 

    Are any Council funds being used on this project?

    No. The project is 100% funded by a NSW Government grant of $510,000.

    Why are you closing Carrington Street?

    The concept design included a proposal to hold a four-week trial closure of Carrington Street (between Eggins Lane and County Lane) to test and trial a permanent closure. This was to be held in April/May 2021.

    It came through strongly in the final community consultation that the majority of CBD traders did not support this proposed closure of Carrington Street.

    As a result, Council has now removed this from the final concept design and it will not go ahead.


    My business receives deliveries in Eggins Lane. How will I access my business with this new configuration?

    Eggins Lane will not be closed at all during normal trading hours.

    The Lismore Laneways Project includes improvements to Eggins Lane and there are plant to close the laneways on a temporary basis on nights and weekends for one-off events or outdoor dining.

    These temporary closures will only take place outside of trading hours and businesses will be notified prior to any closures being implemented.

    How can I get involved in the project?

    We are very keen to hear from any businesses, community members or organisations that would like to help activate our laneways.

    We are excited to see our community own and use this space for themselves.

    If you have an idea or want to get involved, please express your interest by phoning the Lismore Laneways Project Officer Stephanie Pym on 1300 87 83 87 or email stephanie.pym@lismore.nsw.gov.au