Cawongla Road – Closure for Culvert Replacement (Dec 2022)

Following further community consultation, the culvert replacement works have been rescheduled to assist in reducing the closure period and maintain access for Larnook Public School during the school term. Culvert replacement works will commence the 3rd of January which will require Cawongla Road to be completely closed within 2 locations detailed as Site 1 and Site 2 on the map below. Access for road users will be maintained throughout works for the Site 1 culvert, via a constructed side track.

For the safety of motorists and due to the nature of works, a full 24-hour hard road closure is required for both work sites during the January - February 2023 works period. Works are occurring at the same time at both sites.

Site 1: Culvert replacement adjacent to 169 Cawongla Road, Cawongla approximately 1.25km south of the Quilty Road and Cawongla Road Intersection.

Site 2: Two culvert replacements approximately 500m south of Larnook Public School, adjacent to 1224 Cawongla Road, Larnook.

Please review the road closure locations to determine whether accessing from Kyogle Road or Rock Valley Road is most appropriate for your property. Due to the nature of works, access through the work sites is not possible.

Road Closure Map

Road closure is expected to be in place approximately 6 weeks during January – February 2023, subject to weather, material and contractor availability. After this time, road will open to single lane traffic while final stages of the works are completed. Council is proposing to complete the works under extended working hours to ensure the works are finalised as soon as possible. Additional works may include but not limited to extended hours on weekends.

These works have been rescheduled following consultation with Larnook Public School to enable access for students, families, and staff of the school. Any changes affecting school access will be communicated from the school principal and relevant bus companies directly.

Larnook RFS have a plan in place for service vehicles due to location of the station. Council will advise other emergency services. However, in the scenario emergency services are required please note the road closures on your call to assist, and consider if your closest hospital may be Nimbin, Kyogle or Lismore.

What are the works?

The roadworks comprises reconstruction of a total of four collapsed culvert lines. This includes the following:

  • Clearing of vegetation and trees adjacent to the embankment failure
  • Excavation and removal of the existing road surface and embankment material
  • Reconstruction of arch culvert
  • Road embankment reconstruction at each culvert location
  • Road pavement reconstruction

Tree clearing, temporary fencing and site establishment will commence from the first week in January, in preparation for the works to commence.

These works are the commencement of flood remediation works for Cawongla Road. Funding is currently being reviewed for further pavement repairs. Temporary patching is currently being carried out for sections of Cawongla Road until further funding is approved by Resilience NSW. Additional works are also being reviewed for Martin Road, with updates to be shared shortly. We thank the community for their feedback.

What do I need to do?

Please commute through the detour at low speed, obey adjusted speed limits and directions from any traffic controllers, and drive carefully. Please also adhere to all road closed signs. We will ensure all driveways and farm gates that intersect the road match any changes to the road profile and are safe for property owners/residents. At times the roadworks may create dust, which will be managed by a water cart during work hours.

Who should I contact with questions/concerns?

We apologise in advance for the disruption and delays you may experience whilst we upgrade the road. We ask that commuters please plan extra travel time during the construction period, in particular the road closure period.

Should you wish to contact us directly with any questions or comments, or register your contact details to receive updates, please call (02) 6625 0500 or email and include the title ‘Cawongla Road’.

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