Town Road - Bridge Installation (Aug 2023)

We wish to provide an update on the Town Bridge replacement project in light of recent construction issues experienced onsite and advise of subsequent delays to the project as a result.

What has caused the delay?

As you will be aware, piling works have recently been completed which included the installation of four bored, reinforced concrete piles. Unfortunately, two of the piles are defective and do not meet the design requirements of the project. As a result, these two piles need to be abandoned and can no longer form part of the bridge structure.

What does this mean for the project?

The next step for the project will be a partial re-design of the bridge structure including the piles and abutments. During this time, there will be no works performed onsite. We are working closely with our contractors and consultants to resolve these issues as soon as possible. Once the re-design has been completed, construction works will recommence and will include additional piling works, construction of the abutments and installation of the new steel bridge. No additional project costs are anticipated as a result of these issues or the additional works outlined.

Unfortunately, it is likely the re-design and additional piling will result in an approximate three-month delay to the completion of the project. However, we remain confident that the new bridge will be completed by Christmas.

What do I need to do?

Please continue to use the temporary access road at low speed, obey adjusted speed limits and drive carefully.

Who should I contact with questions/ concerns?

We apologise for this un-planned delay and will provide a further update prior to works recommencing onsite. Should you wish to contact us directly with any questions or comments, or register your contact details to receive updates, please call (02) 6625 0500 or email and include the title ‘Town Bridge Replacement project .

If you would like more information or to stay updated on this project, please visit:

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