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  • Flood Restoration - Roads & Bridges Update (April 2024)

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    Please note, several road and bridge projects progressing concurrently, below are updates for some projects progressing this month. Please check the 'Projects By Name' and select the road name for latest updates. Additionally, if there is a road you would like specific flood restoration updates on, please register your contact details via our notification list form.


    ‘Thirst for Legacy’ – CMC Community Spirit in Nimbin
    In a heart warming display of community spirit, the CMC team involved in the Nimbin Road project recently rallied together to support the Nimbin Bowling Club. Their initiative involved recycling cans and bottles collected from their work site, with the proceeds earmarked for a noble cause: funding the installation of a BBQ area at the club. CMC head office joined in on the idea, matching the money the team raised. The Nimbin Bowlo is a non-for-profit establishment, mostly managed by dedicated volunteers, so they were very appreciative of the kind gesture. Last month the dedicated team volunteered to lay down the concrete slab. Soon other organisations came to the party with Holcim Concrete Lismore providing a discount on the concrete to fit into the budget and Nimbin Hardware donating two sheets of mesh. Additionally, several locals donated their time along with the CMC staff to place and finish the slab. CMC donated labour and supervision, as you can see from the photos many locals also provided supervision of their own. This act of gratitude was CMC’s way of expressing appreciation to the local community for their unwavering support during the team’s time in our region. Their commitment to both the project and the community exemplifies the positive impact that collaborative efforts can have. LCC would like to thank the project team for their generosity and community-minded approach!

    Black Road
    The causeway has been resurfaced following recent deterioration by high water flows. The road is now repaired and new guideposts installed.

    Coraki Road
    Geotechnical works are completed on Coraki Road they will enable engineers to design and construct remediation works to deliver roads that are safer and more durable. The design phase is now in progress.

    Guardrails Projects
    The Flood Recovery Guardrail replacement multisite works are now complete. A recent project included the installation of guardrails at Kyogle Street and Oakey Creek Bridge. Thanks to all motorists for their patience during the works.

    Road Maintenance Works - Gwynne Road, Stony Chute Road & Tuntable Falls Road
    Maintenance crews were busy inspecting and providing maintenance on many roads throughout the region. To improve road conditions, crews continued to provide pothole repairs on Tuntable Falls Road and Stony Chute Road along with grading and pothole repairs on Gwynne and Yeager roads. Priority works have also commenced for Zouch Road involving a light grade and repairs to the road surface.

    Rosebank Road
    Landslip restorations are complete at Rosebank Road. The works involved reinstating the property access track and restoring the batter and table drain along the road edge.


    Crofton Road
    Road pavement restoration works are well on the way on Crofton Road. The works will be ongoing for approximately two to three months, subject to weather conditions. The road will remain open under traffic control to have minimal impact on residents, please allow extra time for delays.

    Eureka Road, Graham Road & Haywood Lane
    Works have commenced on the culvert to bridge structure replacement project at Haywood Lane. Construction has begun on installation of side tracks with piling to follow next month.

    Gungas Road
    Works commenced at the end of April on Gungas Road to desilt the creek crossing at Black Sheep. This will involve the removal of debris to allow for further rectification works.

    Newton Drive
    Works have commenced on several minor upslope landslips and a single pipe culvert. However, these works were heavily impacted this month due to weather conditions. During May, work crews are hoping for favourable weather to assist with making good progress at the sites. Works will continue to be completed under traffic control and will have minimal impact on the residents in this area.

    Nimbin Road
    Works are nearing completion on Nimbin Road at the site near Shipway Road. During the past month, works were completed for the construction drainage along the retaining wall and placement of road base layers along the full width of the road. The road has now been sealed with asphalt and guardrails installed. Remaining work includes line marking and the installation of guideposts. The road is due to be officially opened on 11 May.

    Rogerson Road
    Through successful collaboration with environmental professionals the juvenile micro bats were temporary relocated during April. Works were able to commence April 29, to start on the culvert replacement project. Thank you to the community for your understanding and patience while we relocated this projected species.

    Terania Creek – Bridge Updates
    Project is underway for bridge 1, 2 and 3. Bridge 3 has new concrete bridge approaches and scour protection completed with guardrail installation scheduled during early May. After this, installation of lateral restrains brackets will follow. Approximately 50% of bridge 2 and 1 have side track installations complete. These will continue during May, subject to weather conditions. Once completed, installation of concrete approaches and guard rail for bridges 2 and 1 will follow.

    Upper Tuntable Falls Road
    Works are underway on Landslip DM01184 near the Tuntable Falls Co-Op. However recent rain delayed the excavation process on site, weather permitting, the works are expected to take an extra three weeks. Once completed, works will commence on Landslip DM01183, located approximately 500m North of DM01184.


    Blue Knob Road
    Works will commence in May on two landslip sites identified on the below map. These works will occur for approximately 12 months. The road will remain open under stop go traffic control to have minimal impact on residents.
    Branch Creek Road
    Works are progressing for the design phase of the Branch Creek culvert replacement project. IFC drawings have been issued with procurement of pre-cast components and piling underway. Construction is expected to commence in Sept.

    Cawongla Road
    Weather pending, pipe scour protection will be undertaken in May under single lane traffic control.

    Milgate Road
    During last month grading work was completed on Milgate Road. The design for the culvert is underway and a notice will be provided on these works in the next few months.

    Oakey Creek Road
    In May, works will commence for temporary landslip repair works identified on the below map for approximately two to four weeks. The road will remain open under stop go traffic control to have minimal impact on residents.
    Patterson Road
    Work is progressing for the design phase of the Paterson Road culvert replacement project with the RFQ issued for design of culvert replacement with a new bridge structure.


    We have another busy week coming up for our pothole repair teams. They have been out and about focusing on:

    Coraki Road
    Tuntable Falls Road
    Reseals works
    Various South Lismore Area Roads
    Various East Lismore Area Roads
    CBD Roads

    While progress is being made to repair potholes across our road network, it remains a massive job which is made worse every time it rains. We thank the community for their on-going patience.

  • Flood Recovery Heavy Patching Program

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    Flood Recovery Heavy Patching Program –

    Restoration of road surface, possible change in road level.

    Segments of the following have been identified for heavy patching works to repair flood damage to road surface.

    Precinct 1

    Graham Road

    Gundarimba Road

    River Bank Road

    Rous Road

    Skyline Road

    Tregeagle Road

    Tuckurimba Road

    Tucki Road

    Wybelena Road

    Precinct 2

    Bagotville Road

    Broadwater Road

    Kilgin Road

    Mathieson Lane

    Precinct 3

    Tatham Road

    Precinct 4

    Nimoola Road

    Pelican Creek Road

    Precinct 6

    Back Creek Road

    Precinct 7

    Axford Road

    Martin Road

    McGuinness Road

    Rock Valley Road

    Precinct 8

    Boggumbil Road

    Davis Road

    Jacobson Road

    Jiggi Road

    Potessu Road

    Rosehill Road

    Precinct 9

    Anderson Road

    Basil Road

    Cecil Street

    Crofton Road

    Gungas Road

    Lillian Rock Road

    Moffitt Road

    Sibley Street

    Symonds Road

    Thorburn Street

    Precinct 10

    Booerie Creek Road

    Boyle Road

    Keerrong Road

    Precinct 11

    Koonorigan Road

    Pinchin Road

    Terania Creek Road

    The Channon Road

    Tuntable Creek Road

    Precinct 12

    Dorroughby Road

    Duncan Road

    James Street (Dunoon)

    Middleton Way

    Nightcap Range Road

    Rocky Creek Dam Road

    Precinct 13

    Corndale Road

    Hunters Hill Road

    Grace Road

    James Gibson Road

    Precinct 14

    Boatharbour Road

    Eltham Road

    Humpty Back Road

    Regional Roads

    Blue Knob Road

    Coraki Road

    Dunoon Road

    Nimbin Road

    Wyrallah Road

    Bridge Street (Wyrallah)

    Kyogle Road

    These works are subject to change to due weather conditions, availability of contractors and funding. Updates will be posted on this article.

    Shall you wish to be kept up to date directly, you can register your details via the Your Say ‘Submissions’ tab HERE. Alternately, please contact Lismore City Council via email or call (02) 6625 0500 to register your details. Please reference ‘Flood Recovery Heavy Patching Program’.

    How will the works affect traffic?

    Roads will be open to residential access only during the time of works. Traffic controls will be in place, which will cause minor delays and disruptions. Please note roadside signage, updates on myroadinfo and updates in the online Your Say article for communication about temporary disruptions to your property access during this period.

    What do the works involve?

    These roads need to be fixed to improve the structural integrity and driving conditions for road users. Works include cleaning drains and culverts, cutting off high road shoulders, digging out and replacing soft spots with rock. The gravel overlay is placed where required, before stabilising with the addition of slag lime. This is then compacted, trimmed, and sealed. Followed by line marking edge line.

    The road surface may receive a final wearing seal several months after the initial bitumen seal has cured.

    This pavement overlay may potentially change road levels between 0mm to +150mm and resurfacing of the existing road width due to additional layers of new road base material.

    All driveways that intersect the road will match any changes to the road profile. If there are any changes, you will be contacted should your driveway/access need modification. We will also do maintenance to roadside drainage as needed.

    What happens now?

    If you wish to make comment on the works, we ask that you do this by 4pm Monday, 15th August 2022 referring to ‘Flood Recovery Heavy Patching Program’. Feedback can be received via any of the following:

    • Via the ‘Submissions’ tab of this article HERE.
    • Email to
    • Call to Council (02) 6625 0500
    • In writing to Lismore City Council, PO Box 23A, Lismore 2480