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  • Current Road Project Updates 26 September 2022

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    Please note, there are several road and bridge projects progressing concurrently. Below are updates of some projects progressing this week.

    Please check the 'Projects By Name' and select the road name for latest updates. Additionally, if there is a road you would like to secure specific updates on, please utilise the Q+A function of this page, or email

    Canaiba Road - Shoulder widening and kerb gutter installation completed. Awaiting pavement backfill against the kerb.

    Cowlong Road - Final stage of construction has been completed. Drainage currently undergoing review.

    Crofton Road - Damages have been scoped, and will be submitted this week.

    Dunoon Road - Approved for heavy patch stabilising in flood damaged sections. Schedule of works to be confirmed shortly.

    Fernside Road - Fernside Bridge side-track bitumen sealing and culvert shotcrete application completed.

    Gravel road repairs - Numulgi Creek Road, Beddoes Road, Borton Road will be undergoing repairs this week. Gravel road maintenance continues for Precinct 12 (Corndale, Dunoon and Rosebank). Gravel Roads in Precinct 11 (The Channon, Terania Creek and Tuntable Creek) scheduled for October.

    Gray Road - Works are progressing, with drainage still to be completed. Vegetation management is currently being reviewed.

    Gungas Road - Erosion protection works to commence shortly.

    Jiggi Road - Some sections have been completed, with additional pavement repair works still to be scheduled. These works will continue as subsequent projects are completed in the area, to ensure efficiency.

    Keerrong Road - Culvert replacement between Keerrong Bridge Road and Nimbin Road. Single lane road closure will be in place as works are completed. Please adhere to road signage and drive with caution.

    Koonorigan Road - The landslip area has been assessed, and safe for motorists. Please drive to the conditions. This will continue to be monitored and is under review for works. Heavy patch stabilising has been approved, and received funding. Emergency patching adjacent to the hall is scheduled to commence shortly.

    Nimbin Road - A total of six heavy patching sections to be repaired. All drainage works have been completed on first three patches, with drainage works on the final three to be completed by end of next week. Approximately 1km of the first patch has been sealed, with seal on the other half of this section still to be completed.

    Northcott Road - Final stage of Northcott Road has been completed.

    Pinchin Road - Five heavy patching sections have been completed. One additional section remaining; only final trim and seal left to be completed. All drainage works and embankment failure/slip remediation completed (gabion wall constructed, damaged pipe replaced, road surface and pavement reinstated).

    Richmond Hill Road - Damaged section of pavement adjacent to Richmond Hill landslip resealed. Further shoulder work, guide posting, and line marking still to be completed.

    Sexton Bridge - Abutment works underway. Installation of both abutments’ formwork on Wednesday 14th September with concrete poured Thursday 15th September. Bridge beams have now been landed, with skirting and abutment concrete pouring scheduled for the coming week (weather permitting).

    Tuckurimba Road - Temporary pothole repairs have been completed on a number of major potholes. Due to the low lying nature of the road, a flood study is required prior to permanent heavy patching works. These heavy patching works may change the road level, further details will be shared following assessments.

  • Current Road Project Updates 25 August 2022

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    There are a number of road projects currently being completed. The below are updates for some of the projects which are progressing this week.

    If the road or project of interest isn't included below, please click the road name to the right (for desktop) of this page, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page (for mobile) for updates.

    Additionally, please utilise the Q+A function of this page to request specific updates.

    Black Road - Design is underway for a replacement structure. A temporary crossing is in place.

    Caniaba Road - Drainage works complete, shoulder widening works including a rock foundation is ongoing.

    Cowlong Road - Works are progressing near Lavis Road. Construction works planned for completion late September.

    Cawongla Road - Community consultation is underway in preparation for the road closure to replace four damaged culverts.

    Gravel Roads Program - Flood repair works are progressing. Approximately 60% of the LGA has now been complete with four road grading crews working full time on these works. Grading of gravel roads in Precinct 11 (including The Channon and surrounds) is due to commence in September. Please take care around the mobile plant. View the Precinct map and completion dates HERE

    Gungas Road - Pavement works well underway. Works expected to be complete by October.

    Hensen Bridge - Concrete abutments have been poured. Concrete bridge beams to be placed September in preparation of the deck pour.

    Johnston Road, Clunes - Geotechnical investigations finalised this week, with instruments installed to monitor the slip. Road reopened Monday 29th August under stop go traffic control until investigation works are complete.

    Keerrong Bridge - Concrete bridge complete including bridge approaches. Bridge will be opened under traffic control early September.

    Keerrong Road - Repairs to a 1.8km section on Keerrong Road is progressing well which will be complete by early September.

    Oakey Creek Road - Community consultation is underway in preparation for geotechnical investigations to determine the scope of work required for landslip remediation.

    Pinchin Road - Pavement stabilisation repair on several sections of Pinchin Road will commence August 29th. Single lane traffic control in place for the duration of works (5 weeks, weather permitting). Works on Keerrong Road will be postponed from September 1st, to allow additional traffic flow while Pinchin Road works are completed.

    Sexton Bridge, Gundurimba Road – Piling works commenced with abutment works planned for the next 3 weeks.

    Terania Creek Road - Segments have been identified to be included in the Flood Recovery Heavy Patching Program, which will provide improvements to the structural integrity of the road and driving conditions for road users. Geotechnical monitoring of the slip site is underway, as is procurement of specialist contractors and designers. Once works are complete at the slip, bridge approaches will be repaired and the road graded.

    Town Road - Bridge structure has been procured and works are expected to commence in late 2022.

    Tuntable Creek Road - Drilling has been undertaken on the slips, with geotechnical instrumentation installed to monitor movement to best inform the required structural design. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of suitably qualified geotechnical engineers at present. Council has started the procurement process to engage a designer and contractor to undertake restoration works. Additionally, funding has been received to undertake pavement repairs on damaged sealed-sections of Tuntable Creek Road, which is scheduled for October.

     Keerrong Road - repairs to a 1.8km sectionKeerrong Road - repairs to a 1.8km section

    Sexton Bridge piling works commenced

    Cowlong Road, near Lavis Road

  • Current Road Project Updates 5 August 2022

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    Gravel Roads (Flood Repair Works) – approximately 50% of LCC Gravel Roads have been repaired now since the Feb/March 2022 events.

    Caniaba Road – Drainage and shoulder widening works progressing well. Project is currently running to plan with minimal delays.

    Richmond Hill Road – the landslip has been repaired and pavement rehabilitation works are progressing.

    Nimbin Road near Goolmangar School – urgent maintenance works were carried out last week, the damaged sealed pavement was returned to gravel. This section of road will be overlaid with new gravel and stabilised this month

    Keerrong Road Bridge – the new concrete bridge is now complete and earthworks progressing on the approaches

    Henson Bridge – Piling is now complete, works progressing well on preparing the bridge abutments (form/reo/poor)

    Keerong Road – Landslip and drainage remediation works are commencing, leading to a road closure from August 10th - adjacent to 1265 Kerrong Road. Motorists are advised via roadside signage. Pavement strengthening works are also progressing on approximately a 1km section. Further pavement works are scheduled.

    Bruxner Highway at Northcott Road – pavement rehabilitation works are progressing which have included stabilisation of the existing material and overlay with new gravel.

    Gungas Road – shoulder widening and pavement works are progressing.

    Cowlong Road – pavement strengthening works are progressing south of McKenzie Road.

    Jiggi Road - flood restoration works to commence shortly, to improve overall road conditions. Further information has been mailed to local residents, and is available in 'Community Updates' tab.

    Pinchin Road - flood restoration works to commence shortly, to improve overall road conditions. Further information has been mailed to local residents, and is available in 'Community Updates' tab.

    One section of Jiggi Road, preconstruction on 04/08/22

    Wyrallah Road - Geotechnical drilling to determine scope of works.

    Drilling at Wyrallah Road 27/07/22

    Dunoon Road (near the Macadamia Factory) - Temporary patching on a section of road adjacent Macadamia factory on Dunoon Road. This section of road is due for full pavement reconstruction in October this year.

    a section of Dunoon Road before temporary patching 02/08/22

  • Gravel Road Plan

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    Lismore City Council would like to share the Gravel Road maintenance schedule. The below scheduled has been created to ensure priority is given to areas with extensive works to be completed, and maintain our road network.

    The below image and schedule can be accessed in the 'Documents' tab on the right side of this article.

    Precinct 1: June 2022 - September 2022

    Precinct 2: June 2022 - September 2022

    Precinct 3: April 2022 - July 2022

    Precinct 4: July 2022 - August 2022

    Precinct 5&6: August 2022

    Precinct 7&8: June 2022 - August 2022

    Precinct 9: September 2022 - November 2022

    Precinct 10&11: July 2022 - September 2022

    Precinct 12&13: June 2022 - July 2022

    Precinct 14: September 2022 - October 2022