Flood Restoration - Roads & Bridges Update (Oct 2023)


Please note, several road and bridge projects progressing concurrently, below are updates for some projects progressing this month. Please check the 'Projects By Name' and select the road name for latest updates. Additionally, if there is a road you would like specific flood restoration updates on, please register your contact details via our notification list form.


Keerrong Road

Works were completed during October on Keerrong Road for excavation of slipped material and reconstruction of the road embankment. The works were carried out over 3 weeks and Council would like to thank the community for their support during the road closure.

Tuntable Creek Road

During October, new road signs were installed to assist with future road closures for Tuntable Creek Road. The extra signs will allow Council to notify residents of closures before reaching the closed site, helping to reduce detour times.


Crofton Road

This week, the first 500 metres of the road section will undergo restoration. Due to extensive damage, this section will be converted into a gravel road to facilitate the smooth flow of construction vehicles until the works are completed. Additionally, starting next week, pavement restoration works will commence from the other end of the road, and will be carried out for next two months ensuring improvements to enhance the road's overall condition.

Carabeen Place

Funding was secured for works to commence on Carabeen Road in October to repair damages caused during the 2022 natural disaster. The works includes restoring the batter to its original condition with rockfill and ensuring the drainage is adequate for future events.

Nimbin Road

Works are continuing for Nimbin Road, with the Site Km1 recently completing the placement of fine concrete blocks and backfill behind the retaining wall. The next steps are to backfill the underside of the road pavement layers and complete placement of the culvert outlet. Once completed, the road pavement construction will start along with earthworks around the retaining wall. Site Km4 recently completed the installation of 180 piles with the remaining piles to be completed at the beginning of November. Concrete pouring for the first section of the pile cap commenced late October with works currently underway for the first section of the 50m long blinding layer.


Traffic Barriers

Rural roads in the Lismore Local Government Area will have some of the creek crossings with damaged traffic barriers replaced during November. Approximately 15 crossings will be included as part of the Flood Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) funding.

Terania Creek Road

Works are schedule to commence at Terania Creek Road on Bridge No. 3 during early November. These works will initially entail construction of a temporary side track next to the bridge so traffic can be detoured. After, works commence on installation of the new concrete bridge approaches. These works are expected to take approximately three to four weeks and will then move only Bridge No. 2, followed by Bridge No. 1. A VMS board will be installed prior to detouring traffic.

Rogerson Road

Funding is now approved for culvert works to Rogerson Road. During the Feb 2022 flood event, the Rogerson Road culvert had corrugated pipes that were severely scoured as well as the pipe bedding being eroded. The corrugated pipes will be replaced with precast concrete pipes to meet current engineering standards. Tendering is about to start for the works and members of our team are meeting with residents to discuss the works and notify them of any interruptions for the road.

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