Flood Restoration - Roads & Bridges Update (June 2023)


Please note, several road and bridge projects progressing concurrently, below are updates for some projects progressing this month. Please check the 'Projects By Name' and select the road name for latest updates. Additionally, if there is a road you would like specific flood restoration updates on, please register your contact details via our notification list form.


Nimbin Road

Council has commenced roadworks on two landslip sites on Nimbin Road that have been identified as significantly impacted by the February 2022 natural disaster. Funding was secured through the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement (DRFA). This funding is allocated to repair damage sustained during the February 2022 natural disaster only. Works have already commenced at both sites, with Site 1 is approximately 1 km from Nimbin and Site 2 is approximately 4 kms from Nimbin. During the past month, both sites have undergone site establishment, installation of steel barriers and traffic lights, establishment of safety and environmental control, tree cutting along the entire embankment slope, removal of road materials including asphalt, and preliminary excavation ready for drilling operations.

The activities scheduled during the next month for both sites include completion of preliminary excavation, completion of working platform for drilling operation, excavation of working benches (a series of horizontal steps with near-vertical surfaces between them), completion of piling operation and construction of rock embankment at site 2. The works are expected to occur over 9 months from mid-May 2023 subject to weather, contractor, and material availability. This will involve piling and retaining wall construction works to allow repair of the landslips, reconstruction of pavement, reinstatement of road and guardrail barriers along with installing signs, guideposts, and line marking. Traffic control lights remain in place and existing single lane traffic control will remain in place during the works period. Council would like to thank the residents of the region for their patience during this time.

Town Road

Funding was awarded by the NSW Government through its Fixing Country Bridges program to replace the damaged structure at Town Road, Terania Creek with a new steel superstructure bridge. Piling works are well underway installing the four 1.2m diameter x 13.5m deep bored concrete piles. The first pile has been drilled to depth and its concrete placed with the second and third pile to be completed at the beginning of July. The upcoming weather system will likely delay the installation of the fourth and final pile. Following completion of the piling activities, works will commence on forming up the abutments. The steel bridge structure has also recently been dispatched from France and is currently on route and is expected in the Port of Brisbane in approximately 45 days.

Whian Whian Road – Simes Bridge (Vandalism)

We want to thank the local residents who use Whian Whian Road for their patience with what is a difficult process to repair Simes Bridge. Unfortunately, late Friday night (23rd June), the traffic barriers used to reduce the bridge to one lane were thrown over the edge and into the creek below. Simes Bridge suffered damage last year from massive weather events and shortly afterwards was inspected and assessed by independent engineers. The bridge is able to remain open to a single lane of traffic only. Single-lane access reduces the load impacting the bridge and avoids a closure to Whian Whian Road at this point. Traffic barriers are required to manage single-lane access. Criminal activity can be reported to the Police. Council has a call centre for reporting damages to community property; please phone 0266 250 500 or email council@lismore.nsw.gov.au

Tuntable Creek Road

We would like to thank the Tuntable Creek community for the wonderful feedback we have received about our new SMS Broadcast system.

In the event of rainfall exceeding our trigger level or other significant changes, the temporary track will be closed again at short notice. We apologise for the disruption this causes and delays in travelling alternative routes. To reduce the inconvenience, the Flood Recovery – Roads and Bridges team were granted access to an SMS Broadcast service to generate a contact list for Tuntable Creek Road emergency road shutdowns. Residents can join this broadcast list, through emailing floodrecoveryroadsbridges@lismore.nsw.gov.au your name, mobile number, and permission to contact via SMS.


Dudgeon Road & Bungabbee Road – Bridge Approaches

Works are due to commence in the next two weeks on the reinstatement of Dudgeon Bridge approaches on Dudgeon Road. These works will involve removal and reinstatement of the flood damaged bridge approaches which will include an asphalt wearing surface. Following completion of Dudgeon Bridge, works will then commence on Bungabbee Bridge approaches. Both projects will take approximately two weeks each to complete.

Branch Creek Crossing, Terania Creek Road

Following the 2022 natural disaster Terania Creek Road suffered extensive damage. Due to the nature and high number of damages incurred, works are being finalised on how best to provide timely improvements for the community and road users. The current structure at Branch Creek has received funding from the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) for replacement of the flood damaged asset. Works will include replacing the current box culvert structure with a 16m bridge and extending erosion protection to the edge of the road. The funding application for other damages on Terania Creek Road are currently being assessed. Survey and design work commenced in June 2023 for the replacement structure and works will commence in 2024.

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