Mackie Road - Bridge Installation (Apr 2023)

Following the AGRN943 2020 natural disaster the Mackie Road causeway at Johnston Creek suffered extensive damage. Funding was awarded to replace the damaged structure with a bridge to reduce impediments to fish passage.

The Mackie Road culvert to bridge replacement at Johnston Creek works are currently underway and on schedule. Works began on March 10th with successful delivery of bridge components to the site along with tree clearing, implementing environmental controls and establishment traffic control arrangements. This was followed by initial earthworks taking place to construct the piling pads and piling abutment A and B on March 22nd 2023 for further earthworks to take place on March 28th 2023 which included culvert demolition and excavation of abutment A and B. On April 3rd 2023 works began to form and pour working slabs and set out supports for landing abutments and concrete pouring as shown below.

On April 11th 2023, the bridge beams were lowered in place using a 80 tonne crane. Implementing the bridge beams is currently underway with these works including placing reinforcing steel and completing three separate concrete pours for the deck, skirting walls and troughs. After these works are completed, civil works are expected to begin in May to backfill abutments and drainage, commence pavement works, bitumen sealing, guard rail installation and environmental protection works.

The project works are planned for completion in June 2023, subject to fine weather. Due to the nature of the works a full 24-hour hard road closure will continue around the site location until late June 2023. For further details and to view a map of the works, please visit the Mackie Road bridge update link below:

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