Tuntable Creek Road - Road Opening (Mar 2023)

Tuntable Creek Road experienced significant damage during the February 2022 natural disaster with 11 notable landslips recorded and a major landslip closing the road north of intersection with Rose Road. A temporary solution was designed to open the road and establish connectivity between Nimbin and The Channon while the permanent solution is designed. The temporary construction consists of stabilising the embankment below the road and excavating into the slope above the road to make a single trafficable lane. The stabilisation used up to 160 8m long soil nails and over 400m2 of sprayed concrete. Additionally, a temporary pavement was constructed through the slip zone and installing light traffic control.

Due to the volatile nature of the landslip and risks of further damages occurring a detailed risk assessment was undertaken to control access until a permanent solution is implemented. The risk assessment requires weekly visual monitoring, survey monitoring of fixed control points and monthly inspections by a geotechnical engineer. Restrictions will be placed on the temporary access road during large rain events to mitigate risks to public. Should the road be closed due to adverse weather, VMS boards placed at The Channon and Nimbin will identify the road closure. Facebook updates will also communicate the closure to the wider community. Please report hazards or changes to Lismore City Council using reference LCC92.

For further details please visit the Tuntable Creek Road update:


Tuntable Creek Road during restoration works

Further Information

Should you wish to contact us directly with any questions or comments, or register your contact details to receive updates, please call (02) 6625 0500 or email council@lismore.nsw.gov.au and include the title ‘Tuntable Creek Road – Road Opening (Mar 2023)’

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