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  • Flood Restoration - Roads & Bridges Update (Feb 2023)

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    Please note, there are several road and bridge projects progressing concurrently. Below are updates of some projects progressing this month. Please check the 'Projects By Name' and select the road name for latest updates. Additionally, if there is a road you would like to secure specific updates on, please email with subject ‘Add Road Name - Notification list’ to register your contact details to receive updates.


    Tuntable Creek Road

    Tuntable Creek Road experienced significant damage during the February 2022 natural disaster with 11 notable landslips recorded and a major landslip closing the road north of intersection with Rose Road. A temporary solution was designed to open the road and establish connectivity between Nimbin and The Channon while the permanent solution is designed. The temporary construction consists of stabilising the embankment below the road and excavating into the slope above the road to make a single trafficable lane. The stabilisation will use up to 160 8m long soil nails and over 400m2 of sprayed concrete. Additionally, crews are also reconstructing pavement through the slip zone and installing light traffic control. The works are expected to be complete in March with the road opened to local access only and restricted during weather events. For further details please visit the Tuntable Creek Road update:

    Cawongla Road

    The Cawongla Road pipes’ replacement project was ahead of schedule and the road opened at the end of January before school started. The works consisted of replacing two culverts that suffered significant damage during the 2022 floods.

    Gwynne Road

    Temporary repair of damaged pavement was recently completed for Gwynne Road. During these works, the crews also performed scour repair and mulching vegetation along with cleaning drains and pipes to improve the roads condition.

    Unsealed Roads

    Overlay works to repair damages from the October flood event were recently completed for Lagoon Grass Road, Howards Grass Road, Cusack Road, Booerie Creek Road, Hewitt Road, Swan Bay Road, and Sheehan Road.

    Johnston Road

    Temporary patching works across slip single lane were recently completed for Johnston Road.


    Crofton Road & Rock Valley Road
    Drainage works are continuing for Crofton Road and Rock Valley Road these include desilt and reshape table drainage, installing headwalls and pipe extensions as required to ensure water runoff from the road, to prevent future road damages from occurring.

    Wyrallah Road

    Pavement rehabilitation works started at the end of January to reconstruct and rehabilitate approximately 500m of Wyrallah Road. Throughout this construction process drainage works, kerb installation and subsoil installation will also be completed. For further details please visit the Wyrallah Road update link below:


    Town Road

    Funding through the Fixing Country Bridges program has been awarded to replace the damaged structure with a new bridge. The bridge superstructure is currently being constructed in France with an innovative steel beam that will be launched into place in one piece. A unique type of structure, this bridge will be the first in the region. A general plan of the works is provided below. The Town Road bridge superstructure will be delivered at the end of May 2023. Civil works are scheduled to begin in April 2023 with a planned completion in late July 2023, subject to fine weather. Further updates will be provided towards the end of March 2023.

    Mackie Road

    Following the 2020 natural disaster the Mackie Road causeway at Johnston Creek suffered extensive damage. Funding has been awarded to replace the damaged structure with a bridge to reduce impediments to fish passage. The Mackie Road culvert to bridge replacement at Johnston Creek, works will begin on the 13th of March for approximately three months with a planned completion in late June 2023, subject to fine weather. Due to the nature of the works a full 24-hour hard road closure is required during the March – June 2023 works period around the location detailed on the map below. For further details please visit the Mackie Road bridge update link below: