Flood Restoration - Roads & Bridges Update (Mar 2023)


Please note, there are several road and bridge projects progressing concurrently. Below are updates of some projects progressing this month. Please check the 'Projects By Name' and select the road name for latest updates. Additionally, if there is a road you would like to secure specific updates on, please email floodrestoration@lismore.nsw.gov.au with subject ‘Add Road Name - Notification list’ to register your contact details to receive updates.


Tuntable Falls Road
Temporary sealed patching works were recently completed for Tuntable Falls Road. These works involved placing overlay, stabilise, trim and sealing the road surface height to repair damages from the 2022 flooding event.

Tuntable Creek Road
After establishing a baseline for the monitoring process and developing a management plan, the temporary track opened on Tuesday, the 14th of March. Due to the volatile nature of the landslip and risks of further damages occurring a detailed risk assessment was undertaken to control access until a permanent solution is implemented. The risk assessment requires weekly visual monitoring, survey monitoring of fixed control points and monthly inspections by a geotechnical engineer. Restrictions will be placed on the temporary access road during large rain events to mitigate risks to public. Should the road be closed due to adverse weather, VMS boards placed at The Channon and Nimbin will identify the road closure. Facebook updates will also communicate the closure to the wider community. Please report hazards or changes to Lismore City Council using reference LCC92.


Mackie Road

The Mackie Road culvert to bridge replacement at Johnston Creek, works are currently underway after starting on Monday the 13th of March. The project works will operate for approximately three months with a planned completion in late June 2023, subject to fine weather. Due to the nature of the works a full 24-hour hard road closure is required during the March – June 2023 works period around the site location. For further details and to view a map of the works, please visit the Mackie Road bridge update link below:

Crofton Road
All drainage and pipe work is scheduled to be completed by Thursday the 6th of April. These works include desilt and reshape table drainage, installing headwalls and pipe extensions as required to ensure water runoff from the road, to prevent future road damages from occurring.

Wyrallah Road
Pavement rehabilitation works started at the end of January to reconstruct and rehabilitate approximately 500m of Wyrallah Road. Throughout this construction process drainage works, kerb installation and subsoil installation will also be completed. The site closed on the 24th of March, with recommencement expected mid-April to allow for required drainage re-design and survey prior to finalising the section and switching traffic and commencing the Northbound Lane. For further details please visit the Wyrallah Road update link below:


Quilty Road
The remaining drainage works are scheduled to commence after Easter for Quilty Road.


Town Road
Funding through the Fixing Country Bridges program has been awarded to replace the damaged structure with a new bridge on Town Road. The bridge superstructure is currently being constructed in France with an innovative steel beam that will be launched into place in one piece. A unique type of structure, this bridge will be the first in the region. A general plan of the works is provided below. The Town Road bridge superstructure will be delivered at the end of May 2023. Civil works are scheduled to begin in April 2023 with a planned completion in late July 2023, subject to fine weather. Further updates will be provided towards the end of March 2023.

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